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The Souls behind Shuhari Tribes
Four different paths connecting one special journey
My journey has been shaped by crises of identity and meaning. Growing up in a country that gained its independence after breaking off post Soviet Russia, I learned that truth is not to be assumed but to be pursued and examined. Coming to the US and embracing the American dream was a privilege granted by Entrepreneurial spirit and hard work of my immigrant parents.

Having lived through multiple economic crises I learned the value of adapting to change and seeing opportunities in seeming chaos. To capture those opportunities looked for education and counsel of people I trust.

Today I no longer seek to conform to a single identity and embrace multiplicity and contribution of all parts. As an engineer, an artist, an entrepreneur and a systems thinker I practice beginner mindset while researching the best tools of individual and collective well being.
Embrace the discomfort
One day, she remembered who she was

I always wondered why at times I felt as if I wasn’t good enough or no matter what I’ve achieved, it was just not enough! Maybe 4 years of elementary school bullying weighed down my self-esteem or never really knowing my purpose in life in a world built on success blurred my self-worth. But hey, life does change and unexpected things happen! From befriending one of my bullies to finally discovering what I want to be, 10 years later, it was one of the best journeys.

As a self-love & optimism coach, the world is my inspiration, full of people with stories and cultures that always reminds me of the value of life and more importantly, the value of me! After embracing 40 countries of beautiful discoveries, I now define myself as a nature craver who dances away any problems (literally!) while being an adventurous foodie with a little bit of krav maga moves!  

A better understanding of the world by exploring the unknown has always brought me happiness. Luckily, a supportive family, a warm community, and growing up in a challenging climate provided a foundation for me to go on adventures of exploration. From traveling the world, building spacecraft, and designing cloud infrastructure, I have been lucky. Though unexpected health challenges did bring difficult times, my inner child, full of joy and humor brought me through.

Now I find myself learning about others on their journeys and doing what I can to support them. I hope understanding their journeys will help me better understand myself and to find new areas to explore.
Building foundations
The girl who swallowed the sun

I am a lover of human beings, and if you know me, you’ve definitely heard me laugh...frankly, because I laugh all the time.  I attribute this to an inner reflection of joy because I genuinely appreciate each & every moment of life, whether good or bad.  I didn’t have the best childhood (although I did have an incredible mom who taught me how to be strong).  Because I am a survivor of an abusive home, I understand that if you know darkness, you can know light. And that made me incredibly grateful for that life that I now have as an adult. 

As an adult, I’m a recovered over-achiever.  Instead of focusing on achievement, I strive to be the older version of myself that my younger self needed - and that means balance, fun, and adventure. I love being creative whether that be directing, singing/songwriting, fashion-designing, or goofily dancing in a grocery store.  I also love traveling to far off lands and immersing myself in new culture - because I genuinely believe you can learn something from everyone you meet.  I am a friend of the ocean and make an effort to see it everyday whether on rollerblades or in the water on my surfboard.  In addition to this, I love yoga, finding the latest and greatest “foodie” spots, and am learning how to sail.
Where Dreams can be Carved in Stone
Our Mission
To empower individual and collective well being
Our Vision
A world where people are empowered to do what they love
Our Values
Our journey is strengthened by human connection, courageous exploration and commitment to intentional impact
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